Born to a 19-year-old heroin and cocaine addicted mother, Dee entered the cold South Side of Chicago, second to the oldest of four. Consumed by despair, saturated in abuse and violence, and infested with social disease, she becomes accustomed to an environment predicted to produce a hopeless and confined being.

Sleeping under carpet in freezing temperatures, being evicted and moving from state to state – Dee learns some of life’s hardest lessons at an early age. Her fondest memories are the life-changing summers spent in Chicago with her cousins and little sister Pee Wee.

Dee struggles with an ongoing internal battle stemming from the past. Consequently, she heads down a path of promiscuity, insecurities, disappointments and defeat. Feeling and finding her way, she is powered by a seemingly invisible and everlasting presence she acknowledges as her “help.” This “help” energizes a vivacious raw seed, who develops into a force to be reckoned with.

Destined to evolve beyond the societal jungle that birthed her, Dee surpasses her mother’s consistent words “You bet not bring no babies in this house. And be sure to get yo GED” by graduating from high school and college. Experiencing the rich cultural, and life changing atmosphere of a historical black university in Texas, Dee evolves, gains confidence and develops the desire to impact culture. Returning to her place of birth as an assured, passionate young woman, Dee eventually discovers purpose and who her “help” is. She identifies her “help” after an epiphany steaming from an abysmal breakup with an ex.

This autobiography titled Dreams Bigger than Texas: A Story of Purpose, Perseverance and Growth Into Womanhood is a modern day, coming of age, rose from concrete story. It’s an amazing young woman’s journey of making it out of a community of poverty while finding purpose and defying odds. The author boldly exposes her most sensitive moments of growth while intimately sharing her own journey of struggles that could have changed her life for the worst. Her story is offered as a bridge linking the results of perseverance versus becoming a product of one’s environment. Dreams Bigger than Texas is infused with hope, comedy, inspiration and faith. It’s unique, raw, revealing and relatable.